Eco Friendly Oven Cleaning

Eco-Friendly Oven Cleaning is the only way a dirty oven should be cleaned.

Cooking in a dirty oven isn’t pleasant, you could have smoke coming out of the oven during heating or cooking, a bad taste in food or just be terrified to even open your oven. 

Our unique cleaning process is 100% eco-friendly. We don’t use any harsh ‘store bought’ chemicals, there is no caustic smell and no waiting up to 48 hours to use your oven after its been cleaned. 

Our oven cleaning service includes cleaning the oven internally and externally, cleaning the door and glass panels and cleaning the oven racks and trays. Depending on the condition of the oven we are usually able to restore the oven to a new or near new condition. 

Its fresh, its healthy and its safe.

The Process
  • A protective towel is placed on the floor and any cupboards to prevent any spillage
  • The internal parts of your oven will be dismantled (Back plate, fan, side racks, trays & door) and placed into the heating tank in our vehicle. The internal components will soak in a hot water solution which will strip the grease and grime
  • We will spray your oven with our Eco-friendly cleaning solution and get to work removing the grease and grime from within the oven. This usually takes around 1 hour. 
  • Once the oven is clean we will collect the internal components from our dip tank and remove any grease or grime that remains. 
  • Once the internal components are clean we will head back inside and install them back into the oven.
  • After a final wipe out, our mats and equipment will be collected, you now have an oven that looks brand new again.
Prices (Including GST)
  • 600mm oven – $150
  • 700-900mm oven – $190
  • One and a half oven – $260
  • Double Oven (2x 600mm) – $280
  • Double Oven (1x 600mm, 1x 900mm) – $350
  • Separate Grill – $50
  • Rangehood 1-2 Filters – $50
  • Rangehood 3-4 Filters $60
  • Gas Cooktop 4 Burners – $60
  • Gas Cooktop 5+ Burners $80
  • Electric Cooktop – $35
Clean Oven
Clean Oven
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