COVID-19 Current Update

Current Update

As New South Wales eases restrictions at vaccination milestones we will be maintaining the majority of our previously announced COVID safety measures to protect our customers and our team. 

All of our team are fully vaccinated and are able to provide proof upon request.

We are open and taking bookings for all clients within our service area. Our Covid safe plan will be strictly adhered to by all team members

Our Covid Safe Plan

 – All staff will wear a face mask at all times whilst onsite

– We will sanitise upon entry and wear gloves at all times whilst onsite

– We will limit face to face contact with our customers where possible

– We will maintain a social distance when interacting with all clients

– We will ensure that all team members have not been in contact with anyone that has been tested for Covid or have been identified as a close or casual contact by NSW Health

– We will ensure strict adherence by our team to our Covid Safe plan and Government restrictions

– Any team member who shows any flu-like symptoms will be tested for Covid and self quarantine until all symptoms are gone.

– We have asked team members to avoid any physical contact between each other and our clients.

How you can help.

– Make sure that you are following the guidelines set out by the authorities around health, hygiene and local restrictions.

– Inform us immediately should someone in the household become ill.

– When communicating in person with our team avoid personal contact and keep a healthy distance. Please don’t take it personally when we do the same

We can be contacted on (02) 4303 8578 8am – 6pm 7 days a week.